How to Smoke a Glass Using Our Bourbon Board

How to Smoke a Glass Using Our Bourbon Board

One Knight Bourbon's hope is that our smoking boards will enhance your drinking experience while having a glass after a long day or while entertaining friends and family. Our boards are individually selected and handcrafted in order to create a unique visual and purposeful bourbon smoking experience.

Steps For Smoking Your Glasses

In order to smoke your glass properly we recommend that you follow these steps when using our One Knight Bourbon Board

  1. Place the One Knight Bourbon Board on a flat surface.
  2. Assemble your personal smoker and attach the open end of the rubber tube to the opening on the side of the One Knight Bourbon Board
  3. Place your desired flavor of smoking wood chips/shavings into the mesh basket on the smoker.
  4. Mist/Spray/Wet bourbon glasses and place upside down covering the holes on the One Knight Bourbon Board.
  5. Turn the smoker blower to the "on" position and light the wood chips/shavings.
  6. Lift the glasses slightly for proper venting and permit the smoke to fill the glass.
  7. Turn the smoker to the "off" position.
  8. Allow the smoke to rest in the glass for 2-3 minutes before turning the glass over and filling with your favorite bourbon.

After going through these steps, sit back and relax while having a new experience with your favorite bourbon.